On a routine family holiday, two siblings, Calvin and Cassie, discovered a pair of ordinary looking propeller hats inside a small cave. Naturally, they put on the hats and soon realized that they were able to control flight with their thoughts! This was the dawn of the CopterKids!

Flying around the world in their new hats was a lot of fun, but it didn't take them long to notice that they had aliens in UFOs and scientists in zeppelins chasing them!

Why could this possibly be?

Well, as you can imagine, these propeller hats were far from ordinary. In the CopterKid’s day and age, propeller hats are very common and sold everywhere... but not ones which actually allow you to fly!

The hats the kids found were recently designed projects developed by hostile Aliens from Pluto (a planet no longer in our solar system) and evil scientists from Earth (though we wish they were from Pluto too). These special hats, only two of which were made, were being developed for sinister motives, details of which we don’t exactly have or want to know. The only way that these bad scientist and alien dudes can achieve their goal is by securing these two original hats.

This is why they are after our two little unsuspecting kids.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the multicoloured planes flying in your path, guess who's to blame? Yes, those dastardly scientists and aliens once again. They've recruited some elite members of the 'Soaring Skulls' to aid them in their bid to capture Calvin and Cassie. Avoid them at all costs!

There is also a Sea Monster who is slightly, how shall we put it... dumb? On the upside though, he is a little magical. Phew! He knows the perils the CopterKids face, and out of sheer generosity, he has created special shields to protect the kids from the aliens and scientists.

All the Sea Monster wants to do is save the CopterKids by consuming the UFOs, zeppelins and planes, but the saltwater in the ocean has taken a toll on his eyesight - which is where things go wrong. Due to his poor vision, he ends up getting in the way of our CopterKids too. Sad, we know. :(

Thus, as CopterKid, you must fly as well as you can. Try to enjoy yourself and appreciate the scenery, but please don’t let the aliens, scientists, pilots and that not-so-clever Sea Monster ruin your fun.

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Introductory Price: $0.99 // Out Now!
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Key Features:

  • Play as Calvin or Cassie
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Amazing day & night time cycles
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Online leaderboard with cash prizes
  • Integrated with Facebook
  • Custom In-Game music