Hello there, journalist! The CopterKids love getting their picture taken by the paparazzi, well, at least when they're not getting chased by evil aliens and mad scientists!

There's an overwhelming demand for more information on these cute little kids, even still, they promise to respond to all the fan mail they receive.

We welcome emails regarding previews, interviews, exclusives and promocodes. However, we can't give away too much info just yet, otherwise we'd be risking your life too. After all, the aliens and scientists may have no choice but to kidnap you guys in order to blackmail our little kids into handing over those special propeller hats! I'm sure you can understand our predicament :)

The CopterKids can't answer their iPhones right now (actually, the truth is their parents won't buy them one just yet), so please contact them through email.

Much love!

Mail list

                      Now that CopterKid is finally out:

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Introductory Price: $0.99 // Out Now!

Key Features:

  • Play as Calvin or Cassie
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Amazing day & night time cycles
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Online leaderboard
  • Integrated with Facebook
  • Custom In-Game music

Press Info:

  • Developed by FIPLAB
  • Completion rate: 100%
  • Update 1: Submitted // In Review
  • Update 2: In development

Press Assets:

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